Stained Glass

In recent years I’ve learnt how to make stained glass panels.  Following in the footsteps of a consummate stained glass artist that I lived and worked with, I am completely fascinated with the nature of glass, the magic of seeing through a solid material, the wonder of a permanent colour that won’t fade from UV.

I love working with this ancient craft, with the benefit of modern materials, tools and techniques.   I have a dedicated glass studio at the bottom of my garden.

Stained Glass PanelThe panels shown on this page have been made for my own house.  The ‘tulip’ panel is triple glazed in toughened glass for the front door.  The ‘sunray’ panel is also triple-glazed, and in the side of a timber frame extension to a conservatory.  Both these panels feature slices of agate – stained stone as well as stained glass!  The third panel is above an internal door and designed using the Fibonacci sequence.  To discuss having a stained glass panel designed and made, (UK only), please contact me.

I’m also an avid collector of sea or beach glass and have created artwork with sea glass – gluing it to clear glass and stained glass, to wood and incorporating it into mosaic (see the wings of the dragonfly mosaic).  There is a magical process of broken glass being washed out to sea and being returned softened and jewel-like.  Collecting sea glass is one of my favourite activities in life, and I would welcome any opportunity, on whatever scale, to use the sea glass to make beautiful creations.

To view sea glass panels made in 2014, click here.

Please contact me to discuss any ideas you may have for a sea glass creation.