Oak Sculpture

Sculpture With Relief Carving and Sea GlassOak sculpture is where my love of working with oak meets a true freedom of expression. It is only limited by the nature of the material, my imagination and the imagination of my clients… which, in reality, means that practically everything is possible…

Oak is a very versatile medium to work with. When making structures for a specific practical application, such as musical play equipment, or conservatories, gazebos and pergolas etc. there are many imposed constraints. But, when approaching oak from a fine art perspective, many of these restrictions are lifted, allowing inspiration free rein.

Ammonite Embedded In OakWhen I’m making an oak sculpture its as if I’m a kind of chef, mixing together the best of ingredients. The oak is the basis for the recipe.   Added to the form of the oak can be patterns of relief carvings. Surfaces can be decorated with beach glass, collected fossils, polished ammonites, fossilised wood or amber, fabulous buttons, old coins. Areas of the oak that have opened up with knots can be filled with belemnite fossils. The end result is an oak sculpture that is truly unique and delightful.

Inlaid fossils in Oak BedheadBecause oak sculpture can take on many forms it means that the environments within which it can be displayed are many and varied. Indoor sculptures will remain more or less true to form, but exterior sculptures will succumb to atmospheric and elemental influences much more readily. The transformative effects of the weather dispel the fixed nature of the artwork making it kinetic and ever evolving.

The versatility of my sculptural work means that it has a place in domestic, commercial, public and community environments, as well as within the grounds of hotels, private and public estates, municipal complexes and in interiors, such as reception areas / foyers, meeting rooms and boardrooms etc.

Fossil Infill In Imperfect Oak

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the commissioning an oak sculpture for your home / garden or place of work.

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Recent exhibitions:

Art on the Faith Trail Pembrokeshire  July 2013

Seashore Angel in St David’s Cathedral (home page photo)

Two seashore Angels in Llanrhian Church, near St David’s Cathedral

Oak Seashore AngelOak Seashore Angel