Oak Garden Furniture

Oak tree platform wrapped around Beech treeOak garden furniture can transform an outdoor space into a magic garden. Most of the work I’ve created has been for the great outdoors – to draw people outside and spend some time beyond the confines of four walls.  Green oak is an excellent material for garden furniture and structures.   Once made the oak seasons in place, needs no preservative or maintenance and slowly turns a beautiful silvery grey over time.

Recent commissions include:

  • Six sided pergolas as Sensory Pergolas or outdoor classrooms.
  • High backed Storytelling Chairs with carvings of children’s drawings.
  • A Treeplatform wrapped round a beech tree, with treehouse and carved wall along the length of the platform for under fives.
  • Semi-circular benches built around trees.
  • Curved benches and carved ‘cube’ seats for seating around a storytelling chair.

storytelling chair for one

Our children love our Story Chair. We share stories and songs and use props and dressing up clothes to enhance our storytelling. The children use their imaginations and talk of giants, princesses and going into space, with the Chair as their throne or spaceship. It’s a hiding place, a place of calm, a place to share with friends.

Abercromby Nursery School, Liverpool


All these commissions were designed and made in response to the client’s ideas and imagination. Using pegged oak joinery for structures and furniture means creating something that is going to last for many years.


Please feel free to contact me to discuss the commissioning of oak furniture, or an oak structure, for your garden or outdoor space