Oak Framed Furniture

Relief Carving In Oak LandscapeOak BedsteadRelief Carving In Oak Dreamscape

Oak framed furniture is very similar to oak-framed structures, except it’s in miniature. The same principles apply, and  the same technique of oak pegged joinery is used.  Slices of curved oak branches have been used in the furniture that I’ve made to date. All furniture is finished with several coats of Danish oil.

We got exactly what we asked for and more…a complete bespoke service from design to fitting our beautiful bed head. Your artistic licence with the carvings was brilliant…thank you, we couldn’t source that anywhere else in the UK, and we tried!

Jeanette Keeley, homeowner, North Wales

Carved Oak Bedhead

I can make you the most wonderful oak framed furniture, personalising it for you with relief carvings, and decorating it with collected beach glass, fossils, polished ammonites, fabulous buttons or old coins… whatever appeals to you.  Each piece of furniture is always distinctive, unique, one of a kind.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss the commissioning of a piece or suite of oak framed furniture.

Oak Dining TableRecent commissions:

Carved oak bedhead for a Native American-themed bedroom in North Wales.

Carved oak bedhead of carved totemic images and decorated with fossils, buttons and coins. South Pembrokeshire.

Oak dining table with toughened glass, polished ammonites, belemnites, carved patterns and fairy lights under the glass (inspired by local Lily ponds on a National Trust Estate)

Oak wall panel, with carvings and oak fitted shelves, South Pembrokeshire.