Ship of Dreams carved bedheads

For the first time Art of Oak was commissioned by brilliant parents to carve their children’s drawings for their  bespoke beech bunkbed. The children had painted different images of their  ‘Ship of Dreams’ which I was left free to interpret, and design their carvings and images. It has been a great success with the two boys  having wonderful sleep instead of restless nights. The Ship of Dreams is very much as painted initially. The painted carvings have highlights of inset seaglass…..see the eyes of the Octopus, and top of masts.

Art of Oak has a special talent for taking children’s drawings and carving them into oak framework and timber furniture,as it has been doing with schools and early years centres since 1992.  It was an inspired choice of the parents who approached me in the first place, and their bunkbed is well celebrated. Art of Oak welcomes any enquiries of a similar nature.

painted carvings with seaglass highlights

Carved and painted beech bedhead of bespoke bunkbed

Carved and painted bedhead

Ship of Dreams Bedhead

waves carved and painted on siderail

Side rail of bespoke beech bunkbed

Carved and painted beech bedhead of bunkbed

close-up of Ship of Dreams

carved and painted bedhead of beech bunkbed

left side of Ship of Dreams carved bedhead

Musical Sculpture with children’s drawings , No.2

The photos in the previous post are of Stackpole Primary School… local school. It is a small school, and one of three small local schools under threat of closure and  being forced together in one big new school. These schools have been going in their villages for generations. I was introduced to the school by their music teacher, whose children went to the school, and now her grand-children go there. These schools are the very heart of their communities, and are being sacrificed in the new Austerity of cuts to public services.

Stackpole School has attempted to improve  their school grounds ,in an attempt to persuade the local authority to make the new school at Stackpole. Funding for a Musical Sculpture with carvings of the children’s drawings was provided by the Ernest Cook Trust ( encouraging outdoor learning ). Parents helped install the oak posts and frame. The drawings were done with all the children in the school, to the sound of the Hang instrument being played, and then selected by Art of Oak.

Art of Oak will be running an after-hours music club at the school, beginning in autumn,2015 . The instruments are xylobars and medium gong in oak frame ,and chimes and larch marimba hung between the sculptural posts. The music club will focus on improvised music making and supporting the children compose with the instruments.

trying the instruments

children playing at Stackpole School

Musical Sculpture with Carvings of children’s drawings

2015-04-22 Stackpole School 038 (640x480)2015-04-22 Stackpole School 009 (480x640)2015-04-22 Stackpole School 028 (640x480)

Helping Little Rainbows Pre-School

Copper-foiled stained glass  pendant with glued seaglass.

Copper-foiled stained glass pendant with glued seaglass.

Little Rainbows Pre-School in Patchway, Bristol was broken into and robbed of £400. Art of Oak has donated this stained glass Dancer for a auction to be held on September 5th, 2015. We will also be entertaining at the auction with Miriam Scott’s poetry, supported by the music of a Gubal ( a new instrument from Panart, evolved from the Hang ).

The aim of the auction is to raise up to £5000, and enable Little Rainbows to commission a range of Musical Sculptures featuring carvings of the children’s drawings from artofoak, as well as re-couping the lost money. The theme of the event is ‘Everything For The Under Fives ‘.

More info about the event can be found at


Storytelling Chairs – with a sense of occasion

The School Librarian magazine has kindly published an article written by my associate, Miriam Scott, about the oak storytelling chairs created by Art Of Oak. The article also features a poem written by Miriam about the first storytelling chair. Please feel free to have a read and spread the word!


word pic

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