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Welcome to Art Of Oak. We are a family business based in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.

Oak Bridge for Raymond Blanc

Raymond Blanc Bridge

Art Of Oak is owned by Eliot Baron who has been a timber framer, sculptor and stained glass specialist for over twenty years.

Eliot is a brilliant craftsman who is very enthusiastic about his work.

Raymond Blanc, Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons.

Art Of Oak specialise in producing stunning oak frame structures, sculptures and mosaics.

Over the last three decades, Art Of Oak has had the privilege of creating custom-made oak frame designs and oak sculptures for primary schools, special schools, secondary schools, County Councils, Local Authorities, private individuals, restaurants, visitor centres, privately owned public spaces, public gardens etc.

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The work that we have undertaken has been incredibly varied and immensely rewarding. Creating 3D structures with oak is both a challenge and a joy. Working with oak for many years, or any wood for that matter, allows a craftsman to build a special and intimate relationship with their materials. Oaks inherent beauty; the grain, the colour, the formation, often speak of what each piece of wood would like to be. It can be felt in the texture, in the way that the tree was formed, and there are visual clues that all reveal the secrets contained in this ancient wood. Each individual piece lends itself to a particular application. A wood carver, sculptor and artisan needs to learn to listen and see what the wood is conveying to him or her.

It is this intimate appreciation of this honoured wood that inspires us to continue creating works of art and structures, such as pergolas, porches, conservatories and garages using traditional methods. We feel that modern methods, whilst effective in the main, lack the sensitivity to bring out the best in the oak, and we believe that the look and finish is compromised at the expense of ease and speed of delivery.

If you have a project that requires traditional methods of construction please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Traditional methods of oak framing are all building regulation compliant,  and so there is no need to deviate away from the carpentry and joinery skills that have evolved over the millennia, and have been used in most of the ancient structures that have survived the tests of time.

Oak is incredibly strong, it weathers well, turning a gorgeous warm silver grey if exposed to the elements, and although a hard wood, it possesses a softness that other hardwoods simply cannot emulate. These properties make Oak the ideal medium for creating large building structures, small oak framed structures and sculptures of any scale.

Please take the time to explore this website to appreciate the scope and diversity of the work we have completed over the years.

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